Tips for Avoiding "Track by Phone Apps"

By expert

The expert also gave some advice in case of need to maintain any secrecy.

The expert noted that there were cases when in Instagram or other applications the smartphone camera and microphone were turned on regardless of the user’s wishes – this should not happen.
All the companies that have been spotted in such violations, stated that it is an accident.

Kuskov warned:

It is necessary to understand that by possessing a cell phone, you become a person about whom everything is known: transactions, travels, locations using geodata.


The specialist advises to switch off the smartphone completely or at least place it so that there is no possibility to see, trace or hear anything through the microphone when negotiating or when there is a need to keep any secrets.

Experts have previously noted that the easiest way to determine a smartphone’s location is to use a GPS signal. They also added – even with geolocation turned off you can find its approximate location in several ways.

Recall that on January 13 another popular application among Kazakhstanis, messenger WhatsApp, came under a barrage of criticism.

This was affected by the change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy – the messenger will share data with Facebook. This social network, in particular, will receive information such as phone number, transaction data and IP-addresses of users.


This dramatically increased the popularity of the other messenger – 7.5 million times downloaded Signal from January 6 to 10, which is 4200% more than the week before.

On January 26, it became known that unknown culprits seized personal data of 533 million users of the social network Facebook. We are talking about hackers who set up trading through a bot in Telegram.