How to Restore Numbers on Your Phone

How to Restore Numbers on Your Phone That Have Been Deleted From the Call Log

It often happens that it is necessary to restore numbers on the phone that the user did not have time to save and accidentally deleted from the call log. You should not get discouraged. You can restore the lost phone number for free at any service provider.

Each cellular operator has its own site. Choose the operator you need and visit its website. If you are in another city, choose your city directly on the site. How to restore numbers on your phone will be described using the example of the operator MTS. For other operators, the way to recover a lost number is almost identical.

Each operator has a special private office on its website, created for telecom customers. In your personal cabinet you can control your expenses, learn your balance, order additional services or cancel them, and much more.

You need to click on the icon “Personal account”, and then select “Mobile communications”. When you enter the personal cabinet for the first time, you will need to register. For MTS just click on “Get password by SMS” and then enter your number. The code should come almost instantly. Now enter this code in the special window.

You get to your personal cabinet, where you can immediately see your tariff, balance, bonus and other special features. To restore numbers on your phone, you need to click on “Account” in the “Internet Assistant” section, and then select the “Cost Control” subsection. In this subsection, you will see several more subgroups. You need to select “Call Detail”.


When detailing, you need to specify the period when there was a lost call and select the delivery method. For MTS users you can get the itemization both to email and personal account. It is also necessary to choose the format of the document. The best choice is PDF or HTML, but you can also choose other formats.

In the received file we look through and search for the necessary phone number. Having found it, we save it to our phone.