How to Monitor Android Phone

How do I spy on my Android phone? – Using a spying app. Where can you get an app to spy on your Android? – On Is the program difficult to install? – No, a video tutorial, guide and advisors will guide you. And how to spy on a person by phone number for free? – You can’t! Let us now answer all these and other questions in more detail.

Can I follow a person on the phone?

Of course you can. Especially since the phone has long ceased to be just a device for making calls. It is not necessary to describe the functions that have replaced our cell phone. We want to draw your attention to the fact that the phone is always with you. At home, at work, on a walk, on vacation, in the store, and even in a restaurant, we always carry it with us. On the phone we call, we correspond, we send photos. That’s why parents, spouses, and executives alike have developed a desire to keep track of their phones.
And if there is demand, of course, supply will be born.
Keeping track of your Android phone has become easy and accessible to almost anyone who can install the program. Yes, even those who don’t know how to do it can now take advantage of a detailed guide in pictures or watch a video tutorial.

What is the program to track someone else’s phone?

We advise you to install Reptilicus, a time-tested phone tracker app.
Reptilicus is a simple reliable phone tracking program. Allows you to monitor via Android phone for all the operations of a man (husband, wife, child, employee), as well as send instructions to record the surrounding environment, photos from the camera, etc. It is installed within 20 minutes. The site has an installation guide, technical support and online consultants, who will always answer all your questions about the work and configuration of the program.
So, how can you track a person through the phone – you need to take this phone and install special software there. The installed software will start collecting information and passing it to you. That’s all the tricks of surveillance! Installed, the program works, you get the data. Everything is elementary simple.

Can I spy on my phone without consent?

If you look at the law, you can’t. Violation of the secrecy of correspondence, personal calls or the movement of a person is punishable by law. In other words, you can’t legally spy on a phone without consent.
And how can you spy on a person via phone covertly, if you really need to track a child, husband or wife? To do this, in the settings of the program there is an option to hide the program icon from the desktop and from the Phone Menu.
What for this purpose it is necessary to make? Go to the settings of the program Reptilicus and click on the button “Hide the application”. That’s it. But, be sure to inform the owner of the phone, otherwise you will be breaking the law.

How do I know if I’m being spied on through my phone?

That person, on the mobile device to which, installed a program for spying, will never guess that he is being watched through the phone. Why?

  • Firstly, the program follows the Android covertly and works in the background.
  • Secondly, the interception and forwarding of information is automatic and doesn’t show up on the device itself.
  • Thirdly, the name and icon of the application can be changed to any other.

Therefore, a person won’t be able to understand that his phone is being tracked. That’s why it’s a tracking application.

Am I being tracked through my phone?

Our consultants often ask “How do I know if my phone is being tracked? As you have already understood from the above, it will be almost impossible to find out if Reptilicus tracking software is installed on your phone. However, if there is any other surveillance software installed on your phone, then there are certain programs and methods that will allow you to detect surveillance.
In this article, we’ve detailed the different surveillance options and provided specific answers on how to find out if you’re being followed through your phone. In addition, not just to find out, but also to eliminate this type of surveillance on your phone.

How do I spy on my child through my Android phone?

To keep track of your child’s movements, correspondence, and conversations through their Android mobile (phone or tablet), you need to:

  • Download the Reptilicus app on your child’s Android.
  • Install it and customize it to your needs.
  • Then just restart the phone and give it to the child.

Everything, from that moment the program will begin to collect the location of the phone, record calls, intercept photos and correspondence and send all this goodness to you.
In addition, you will be able to monitor your child’s phone for free for a whole day, immediately after installation. The service provides a trial period, during which you will see if you need to monitor your child’s phone and if you have set up the application correctly.

How to spy on an Android phone number?

Only mobile operators can track a person by phone number. They can give you the person’s coordinates, call details and a list of SMS messages. You can’t get any more information.
Therefore, it’s impossible to track a smartphone without installing a program by number. The program must first be installed. And to track by phone number for free – is generally from the world of fiction.

How to track the movements of a person through his phone?

Tracking a person’s movements through their phone is easy. There are a variety of ways to do this. Today 92% of smartphones are connected to either a GPS, a mobile Internet connection or a Wi-Fi hotspot. And so it’s no problem to track where a person is via their phone.
By the way, if you only need phone coordinates, here’s a way to track your phone by number without installing a program.

How do I track a person’s correspondence through my phone?

After installing the Reptilicus app, you will see:

  • correspondence from WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Skype and Imo;
  • screenshots of all chats;
  • correspondence from WhatsApp and Telegram even without Root rights;
  • photos that were sent to the person in messengers and social networks;
  • and recording of voice and calls from WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and other messengers.

In this way, you will be able to keep track of a person’s correspondence on a phone that will have the Reptilicus app installed.


In this article you will find everything about tracking your wife’s phone: location, conversations, environment recording, screenshots, correspondence. Where to download and how to put surveillance on your wife’s phone – detailed instructions, ways, tips.