How to Locate A Cell Phone With GPS Phone Tracker Apps


GPS phone tracker apps are a great way to find a cell phone. The good news is that most of them work with any phone number. The only disadvantage is that most of them don’t give you an accurate location. However, there are ways to get this information without getting the person’s permission. The following are just a few of them. You should choose the one that suits your needs best.


Truecaller – This application is an excellent free way to find out the exact location of a cell phone. Just enter the number into the search field and you’ll be given detailed information on the owner of that number. This app also works with Blackberry, Android, and Windows mobiles. You can use it to find out where your loved one is at all times and get a clear picture of their whereabouts.


FamilyWhere – This app lets you monitor the location of a phone without a GPS. This is a great option if the phone is stolen or lost. This app can show the exact location of the phone on a Google map. This app is free, but it does have some ads. You can even track a lost or stolen cell phone with this app. Just make sure the device is in a clear view of the sky.


TracFone – Another great free GPS phone tracker app. This app has GPS capabilities. If you’re interested in finding a lost phone, it can be downloaded onto the target phone. Then, you can set a password to protect your personal data and locate the phone using GPS. It’s a great tool for finding a cell phone when it’s stolen.

Google Maps

Google Maps – The first GPS phone tracker app that you should install on your device is Google Maps. This app has a database of millions of cell numbers, making it one of the most popular and reliable mobile phone locator apps on the market. The app works on Android devices and iOS devices and it is available for all iOS versions. It also supports cell phone tracking apps that are available online.

GPS phone tracker apps can help you track a cell phone’s location. If you’re trying to track a mobile device, you can use an app that uses the GPS system. This feature allows you to see the location of a mobile phone. You can also see a map of the country in which the number belongs. You can use this app to see the exact location of a cell phone.


GPSWOX can be installed on an iPhone or an iPad. Once installed, the software will track the cell phone’s location in real time. It can also be installed on a computer. When you have a GPS tracker application, you can track a cell phone through its GPS coordinates. The app works on a mobile device with either a single SIM or two SIM. The app will show you the exact location of the phone in real time.


The first thing you should do is to install the app. It will tell you the exact location of a phone. It will also notify you if the number has changed its SIM card. Most of these applications can also block unwanted calls. The main advantage of these apps is that they will work worldwide. The free version will show you the location of a mobile phone in your area. In addition to this, it will let you manage your whitelist, block unidentified phone calls, and manage your address book.

The second app will allow you to use the GPS function of your phone. You can even search for a cell phone by entering the number into a website and entering the location. This can be done with the help of a free reverse lookup app. While you may not be able to trace a cell phone to a specific address, you can also use a GPS location app on your computer.